The Hot Violinist Manifesto

This YouTube video, entitled The Hot Violinist, was posted in 2008 and since then has gotten over 350,000 views!

I don’t think that ever would have happened with a video entitled, Jenny plays the Gael, so I’ve decided that there is some power in that silly name and I’m gonna fly with it! Come join me for the ride…

I never would have thought to call myself “The Hot Violinist,” and this new website is not about me! I get a bunch of emails each week from all over the world asking me for sheet music or tips on how to play the Gael like I do in that video. This has inspired me to create an online home where I can share some of what I’ve learned about folk fiddle styles over the years while hoping to learn some more things from you.

I also incidentally get some questions about what I eat or how many sit-ups I do each day. One astute commenter on the Hot Violinist video observed, “I don’t think she eats McDonalds.” That’s pretty much true except for a few times a year after driving all night when those Golden Arches are like a bacon, I mean, beacon and unwrapping an Egg McMuffin seems like the most comforting thing in the universe.

Following my passion for fiddle, food and fitness has brought me satisfaction, peace, energy, happiness and a six pack.

And I hate sit-ups!

Eating healthy and finding time to work out while traveling all over the place sometimes feels like an uphill battle, and I’d be lying to say, “I’m not a health nut.” But I generally find that when I’m happy and actively pursuing my passions, musically or otherwise, I naturally eat better quality foods, and I don’t pig out. As much.

The biggest reward of traveling this country pretty much nonstop for my entire adult life, has been all of the incredible and inspiring people I have met. From artists, to dancers, to puppeteers, to activists, to elves, to writers, to yoga teachers, to Lou Ferrigno, to Jim, to violinists, to fiddle-in-sts, to carpenters, to little kids, to moms and dads, to smilers, to LISTENERS. YOU enrich my life and make it worth living!

The Manifesto:

  • Being a Hot Violinist is a state of mind.
  • When we pursue what we love, whether it’s pumping iron, playing music, or completing the loop by listening, we enrich the lives of others!
  • Hotness starts on the inside and works it’s way out.
  • We smile a lot.
  • We will unify these like-minds all around the world on one online porch where we can sit around and jam and share ideas.
  • Together we will create an army of passionate Hot Violinists that will change the WORLD! (insert dramatic echo effect here)
  • There will be recitals.

82 responses to “The Hot Violinist Manifesto

  1. Thanks for the sheet music when signing up for the newsletter! I already noticed some vast differences from the sheet music I grabbed from “Gael Sheet Music”. I’ll have to have a ‘fiddle’ and practice a bit before your next post.

  2. Good idea! Once you familiarize yourself with the notes, adding in the ornamentation will be easy.

  3. To me, it does not matter that you are a hot violinist, you are a talented musician that is happy sharing its gift. Congratulations!!!.

  4. just i want to tell you
    i love you and your music

  5. Lovely. Do you/y’all have a CD or downloads out? I could listen to that all day long! Do y’all come up to Scarborough at all?

  6. You can find most of my work on iTunes by searching Circa Paleo, my current band, and E Muzeki, my old band. Circa Paleo just finished two new CDs which will be out soon!

  7. I found your performance very uplifting. I am deployed Kandahar, Afghanistan and when someone finds something uplifting we share it…and my entire office was soon bopping their heads to the melody.

    Thank you

    Maj Stephen Riggs

    • That’s incredible to hear! You inspired me to check into the details of booking a USO tour. I am going to apply in hopes of coming over to play for you guys!


        JennY, hey bones, hope this maj oil riggs isnt just your marketing gimick or tool tht the guy isnt real..USO tour i heard frm my uncle really did good fr some folks in vietnam era..Uncle added saw them on sniper scope but enjoyed it so well…

  8. So you posted your blog July 14 and there were 350k views on the featured video… 13 days later there are like another 47.5k on top of that.

    I’d say you have quite a few fans.

  9. just wanted to say you r awsome . if u ever come to phx post sumthing or email me cause i have to check u out live .


    well i did enjoy first time i saw this hotviolinist saw her post this site so i checked it out..dont wanna talk bout her bones now thats obvious and clear too is her skill thats all is important and what is really great bout this girl well also her xpressive eyes..anyway thnaks for posting this the last of the mohicans…you know that..i think i got some blood of that tribe..i wear mohicans shoes when i was kid and i love them..hahahaha..thanks’re good you can be btter jst changed that pizza hungry look to to one that staring at the taxi yove beeng waiting for half an hour to take you to the airport


    well i forgot to check on those notification..nofity me

  12. Jenny, you are well on your way to becoming the queen of all media!
    See y’all at faire!

  13. “The Kiss.” This was so well played by you and your band. Thank you very much for the performance and the video. To have the ability to play an instrument, that’s a talent. But to love playing music from your heart and soul, that’s more like…an amazing and delightful inspiration from…I guess we can say something like…the mysterious realm of beauty and harmony. Keep-up the fun and wonderful work. I hope Circa Paleo will perform again soon.

  14. Hey Jenny, I don’t know if you yet plan to go abroad…if you do I’ll be waiting to listen to you in Dubai….. cheers 🙂 Lovely music. Advice, keep your music as your strength, let the hotness be the sidekick :)…..

  15. Hi Jenny, my name is Ian and I am form Australia. Actually in Tasmania. I contacted josh a few times to thank him for the CD he sent. I don’t know if he told you about me but we had trouble getting it to me but in the end he sent it. I thank you very much and have sent numerous emails to thank him but you guys must be very busy. My kindest regards.

  16. i love it when a woman has abs. abs & small feminine muscles r sexy on a woman. u look terrific! love your music too! keep it up!

  17. just saw a youtube video of u doing kashmir. your violin would make robert plant proud!

  18. Christian Lichtenauer

    Hi, here is Christian from germany, Regensburg. I´ve seen that hot violinist video one time, two times, … I love it. And my english is not the best, but i also liked what you wrote on your homepage. Keep on being such a great person. And don´t forget to make your sit-up´s 🙂

  19. Hello Jenny, your cover of this beautiful piece was amazing. this has been 1 of my favorite songs since The last of the mohicians and whenever I hear it I get so inspired & for some reason it feels like it makes my soul wanna cover has to be 1 of the greatest of all time. I favorited it on my youtube channel. Thank you so much for covering such a beautiful piece and doing such a awesome job!!! Your biggest fan Anthony…Keep up the great work & keep me posted on your music….Peace

  20. Ms. O’Conner.

    I am shure that sweet violinist is better than first.
    Best wishes.


    • Miss O’Conner.

      My apologies in the last message. Unfortunately I have not domain with your language. But I like to see you as a sweet violinist.
      That’s all. Best wishes.


  21. Bonjour :0)
    Je suis très heureuse d’avoir découvert votre musique!

  22. hello “hot violinist”, i was so drawn to your quality of performance seen on youtube, that i thought i might speak out to you as a fellow musician, traveler 🙂 seeing and feeling that you follow a positive and free willing strive i would like to know of your experience of traveling non stop throughout your life with your talent. so much mass majoric product that flows past us these days and i catch a rare glimpse and listen to something rare. i wish you a meaningful insight through your experience and hope that you are enjoying every bit of your strum on that instrument.. will you perform in new york? if so, it would be awesome to see you perform 🙂

  23. Thanks for the sheet of music. I love your performance on YouTube, maybe sometime I get a opportunity to see you live, the time will tell.

  24. I’m going to go with a different tact here (being a hardcore sex-positive) and say that while the performance is amazing, what really draws me in is how positively beautiful you look while giving it.

    That outfit is AMAZING and I’m wondering if you have any details on where you found that costume because, well, it’s amazingly gorgeous. I especially love that skirt.

    The way you sway with the music and that small smile on your face is also quite amazing.

  25. hellow Circa Paleo! 😀 I arrived on your blog from youtube (obvious uh?)

    I’m also a fiddler, I viewed your “hot violinist” youtube vid not because you’re wearing such clothes, but because of the violin you’re holding. Your band Circa Paleo inspires me a lot! And thx for the sheet music! ^^

  26. I saw the video the hot violinist (last of the mohicans) and I loved your performance.

    Im a brazilian girl, I began violin classes, I looking for the violin lirics last of mohicans.

    So I ask for this lirics. Can you send me this lirics by email?

    Thanks for your attention,

  27. Chère Jenny
    Vous semblez douce, agréable, on dirait que vous respirer votre musique je vous souhaite que du bonheur…….Michel

  28. Thankyou for the inspiration and the sheet music. I’m new to the fiddle but the folks I play music with still let me play it with the band. I will check the ‘Circa Paleo’ site to see if you have tour dates nearby. D

  29. It was an awesome privilege to see circa Paleo yesterday at the faire. While the music on your cds is superb; the live performance is mesmerizing! I do hope your journey brings you back north again one day.

    In the meantime, when will we have a recital? It’s right there in the manifesto after all. 🙂

  30. I love your videos. You play with such energy. I would love to hear you play the flat topped fiddle that I built.

  31. Hello Jenny, just wanted to tell you I really enjoy the music of Circa Paleo and of your works on the violin. You seem to just be part of the music and feel every note you play. Loved the Last of the Mohicans and your Kashmir performanceI saw your material on itunes and plan to download some some songs. Also thanks for the sheet music. Come to minnesota sometime please.

  32. I enjoy gypsy (eastern european) music, and I would love to hear and to see you play more gypsy-like music while in costume. It’s not easy to find gypsy music. Perhaps Romanian/Hungarian gypsies have not heard about YouTube.

  33. Extremely hot violinist, got burnt by coming here….particularly in the pixie hat 😉

    Great music, really inspiring, keep it up.

  34. Jenny,

    During a boring night I was just surfing through YouTube for compilations of movies. At the moment I was looking for the movie ‘Last of the Mohicans’, I have been overwhelmed. I was expecting just another girl showing of with her body to draw attention. I don’t know anything about playing music but you radiate peace (IAW your manifesto). I hope you will be able to show this strength in the next decade to support people in difficult times. At the end, when economies are falling, wars are starting or prolonged, the only thing that is certain, is the support we are able to spread and the love we radiate. You are an example. Play the music and bring hope, happiness and peace.

    With respect,

    Stringfellow H.

  35. Hi Jenny. Thanks for the sheet music. However, after bar 32, there’s a change. While playing you play from D on the A string to F on the D string for the ending. That’s not in the sheet music which reverts back to the beginning. Could you please sent me the end? Thank you.

  36. is 23 a good age to start violin? hope I am not to late…..

  37. Absolutely agree, Josh. Kids also have an advantage because when adults tell them, “You’re doing great!” they actually believe it, even when they are still squeaking away. In the traditional Suzuki method, a child’s first concert is just to display proper holding of the instrument. They get huge applause before even making a sound. This kind of support gets them through the early stages much more smoothly that most of us adults who have a tendency to tell ourselves, “Hey self, you really suck!”

  38. As an adult learner, you have to be simultaneously the student and your own encouraging parent.

    • Well networking with other adult student musicians is great encouragement too. That is what is so great about sharing Jenny’s great big front porch in the cloud. You are not alone.

  39. That is for sure, all my friends think I have lost my mind starting violin, but hey I am going to really push to go far with it, all the best Josh

    • That’s pretty groovy actually I’m twenty three myself and just picking it up too, g’luck! And let’s all do our best to just have fun!

  40. William Joseph McBride

    Hello Jenny!!
    Been a long time Renny and have seen you play many times. When I was young I played the Violin but really had No Knack for it. I do play However. Hurdy Gurdy,Various Drums,Banjo Tin Whistles and a Hot Guitar Dulcimer. Which Brings me to the point. I just have had made for me a 3 string Dulcimer Violin with a Cigar Box Body. Verry nice piece,but Have not played it yet because wife says “No open cause No Xmas” LOL. Have you ever seen one.? I guess you would technically call it a Bowed Dulcimer Violin and of course it has frets.
    Joseph McBride
    Joshamee Gibbs of the Lake Erie Pyrates.

  41. Hello Jenny,
    Thank you for sharing your gift with the rest of the world. You are a very talented musician….I see how it just flows through you, as if swaying in a cool summer’s breeze.
    My son is the violinist in the family, and has been working between classical and learning to fiddle. He’s thirteen…like a sponge.
    He entered the county fair fiddle contest last year and did well. Being raised traditional irish…you can imagine how much more comfortable and festive it was than classical venues.
    We were fortunate to stumble across your performance on youtube while searching for music for the gael. Beautiful offering!! My boy wants me to dust off my bagpipes and start playing again so that we may offer the gael as his aire in the competition.(Shuttle pipes carrying the tune for his solo) Anyway, Thanks…We are now big fans of Jenny O’
    Richard, and Ciaran Murphy
    P.S. Always been a big fan of gypsy music….very complex and stirring

  42. ola soi de playa del carmen mexico me gusta mucho como tocas me gustaria tocar el violin como tu ,ya lo toco pero me falla la cordinacion de l arco se ke kisas no en tiendas lo ke escrivo jeje paro me gustaria ke si puedes visites playa del carmen quintana roo es ke estoi en una orkesta llamada PASSIONE y seria increible ke fueras mi facce es Danni gallardo gallardo seria super ke me enseñaras via internet por ke tocas muy genial..

  43. Jenny,

    Thank you for providing the videos and sheet music to the Theme from The Last of the Mohicans. However, try as I may, I can’t figure out how to get the rhythm to make it sound right. Any tips on how do do this?

  44. Hi Jenny. im wondering if you had the sheet music to on the beach from the movie queen of the damned. if you do could you please send it to me. thx 🙂

  45. Hey, i was wondering if you could email me the sheet music for On the Beach from queen of the damned. If you could then it would make my day 🙂

  46. You make the lessons fun, interesting, helpful, and exciting in many different ways. I am strictly “fiddle” play by ear only, the notes do me no good. Would love to see you do a “putting it altogether” video on The Gael/Kiss/Mohecan. Also more tunes and lessons! Please let us know where and how to buy the CDs, and thanks!

  47. I’m starting at 58. But I’ve played a lot of woodwinds and guitar. This bowing stuff is a whole new deal. Thanks for the sheet music. I also have your recording and “Transcribe” software rather than the Amazing Slow Downer” I like those Irish type rolls and ornamentation, and I’m a sucker for stuff in minor keys.

  48. Saints preserve us! Have you heard the Techo and Disco versions of the Last Mochican theme by Beaten Track? –

  49. Hi Paul! I have collect some of the vesion of Last Mochican on YouTube you can see my playlist her:

  50. Hot Abs! Those are more than just a state of mind! Thank you so much for helping me figure out the B part to The Kiss! I’m playing it on my Weber Mandola. . . . . what is the Aweber connection in your email address?

  51. Was recorded where” the last of the mohicano” where the video was recorded in that city ?
    you’ve been to Brazil?

  52. Wow! You’re refreshing as well as gorgeous! I’m enjoying every post of your pre-stardom, which I imagine is about over.Hope to catch one of your concerts before you start hitting the stadiums, but I may be too late.

  53. Albannach Gobha

    Hi Jenny,
    If your looking for another venue, I have a suggestion, An Ri Ra
    It is a very big deal in this part of Montana, thousands come from miles around. Nearly the entire town closes for the festival, there is a huge Irish population here, we would love you. You have our blood in your veins, represent. We need to keep our culture alive.
    St. Patty’s day is a big deal here too.
    Éirinn go Brách

  54. anne crawford

    I started learning the fiddle last fall at 61. yea for the late bloomers! (leaning has been on by bucket list forever) my recent song to learn is Swallow Tail Jig..while looking for that I came across your video of the Last of the Mohicans the kiss and absoulutely adored it. it is my all time favorite and your presentation was captivating. I eventually discovered your ‘how to’ videos and am so excited to a). watch and learn and b). get the sheet music. As a beginner, i am still overwhelmed w/ learning to play clearly, but having my “heart songs” to learn gives me incentive to pursue w/ even more passion!
    love the manifesto..being a porch girl myself..what a cool idea.Thanks much for being willing to share. Blessings

  55. hello jenny!
    do you plan to do your shows in Europe?it will be great 🙂

  56. Hi Jenny….
    I cant Thank u enough for giving me the BOOST i needed on this epic journey! YOU ARE REALLY AN INSPIRATION TO DO GOOD!
    I’m just another big…no…..HUGE fan of your work!
    Its a miracle to find someone with the same intense passion,but to SHARE every detail of your knowledge to the WORLD…….now that’s something i’m unable to put into words!
    Hey,don’t mind me…I’m just a fan from Singapore,I’m 31 this year and just had my violin class last week! Funny thing is,the harder it is to learn,the more excited and enthusiastic i’ve become! No Kidding! 🙂
    And it all started with THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS!
    I’d die for UNCAS too! (What about you?Hehehe!)
    I was wondering if you would be interested to play soundtrack from TRANSFORMERS like ‘ARRIVAL TO EARTH’,’SCORPONOK’ and more from STEVE JABLONSKI………
    Have u heard of Yanni??? I love the song ‘WITHIN ATTRACTION’ and i know u can play that well!
    Ok….i’ve blabbered enough….Thank u ..again for inspiring me…
    You really woke me up! 😀
    I hope i am lucky enough to get a reply from you… 😀

  57. i heard you on youtube ! you are amazing!!!!!!!!!! I always wanted to learn. When i was a child, I begged my for lessons but i never won that sad to say. I came across you and your rendition of “The Kiss” and also Lindsay Sterling. The two of you have brought the want in me to learn the violin again!! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent with us!

    • Speaking of Lindsey Stirling, I’m surprised she hasn’t reached out to Circa Paleo for a collaboration. Might be worth your while to hit her up and if your tour schedules line up send the internet into meltdown with the two most inspirational violinists I have ever beheld. I’m thinking Brittonik because that track oozes with sass. 😀

  58. Jenny, have you ever thought of making book of the sheet music you use and selling it. There are several song you play I would love to get the sheet music for.

  59. I’ve been looking for the music for a really cool mandolin/violin piece called Cold Quarters. Matt Flinner does a great version of it. If you come across that tune, I hope you can include it. thanks!

  60. I figure you tire of hearing how awesome you are and so many thank yous might tend to get old. But hey, you asked for it by showing your full of life face to the world. Thank you, you are so awesome! I have been struggling with the violin for almost two years, a bit sporadically I must admit, but moving ahead. You helped me leap two or three bounds ahead just reading this. You are inspiring and give me confirmation that we CAN actually have the beauty and magick back in the modern would. All of your tips, especially the mention of not being too old to learn, are SO inspiring.
    Go you.

  61. Do you have any video or written instructions on getting the vibrato {think that’s the right term} down? The way I am trying seems so forced.
    By the way, I am appalled about the number of lewd comments posted by my fellow countrymen, I am truly sorry. Just keep ignoring that side of us and keep your light shining.

  62. Bought your CDs and use Amazing Slow Downer to learn my favorites. Concentrating on the Celtic stuff first, but I want to play the gypsy stuff too. I first learned “The Butterfly” from “1975, The Bothy Band” on flute and whistle. I just started fiddle 2 years ago, and now I’m excited I can play my old favorite on the fiddle. Still working on getting “Catharsis” and the “Kiss” up to speed.

  63. Will you please send me the sheet music for queen of the damned strung on the beach

  64. If its free though and if you can

  65. Hello. i wanted to say first off that i love your music.. i came to one of your vids youtubing to day and well i had to see more lol. it was a little tricky finding you but happy i did..i love your videos and you are truly talented.

    i would love to know how you got in to doing a road show and what its like for you…hmm now that im reading back over this it sounds a little umm whats the word… weird yap that will do.. lol.. Well any way just wanted to say your great and to keep it up! 😀

  66. jenny have you thought of doing instructional cd’s would help me alot your a great teacher and would love to have a cd that i can play over and over

    • Yes! Do a vid! I don’t have hi-speed at my house and can only watch your stuff in town then go home and try to remember it as I play…

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