Interview with Traveling Seamstress, Hannah Alvarez

I met a new friend at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. She’s a brilliant costume designer and is keeping a blog about her adventures. She did a nice write up and about my band and my travels:
Go show her some love!
Violin at night


6 responses to “Interview with Traveling Seamstress, Hannah Alvarez

  1. Hey Jenny, just a fan passing by to tell you that i found Circa Paleo completely mesmerizing, very inspiring while im drawing, so i guess a big thank you is in order here.

    And on a small side note, i’d like to make a request :). I’d love to hear your version of the Tune that Lestat plays with the gypsies on “queen of the damned movie”. I think that short portion of the film made me start loving the violin sound on it’s very own accord.

    So thank you again for your music and never abandon the road.

    Kindly yours, Gerard

  2. Marcelo Suarez am Buenos Aires Argentina and is the sweetest thing in my life heard greetings tenog radio and you hear

  3. Love the style and expression you give to the music – especially the Mohicans. I noticed in the interview that you started the high school. I’m also a late starter – and at 55 late has many meanings! Since it’s obvious that wasn’t so long ago, I wonder how much you practiced each day at the beginning?

  4. Clever photo. The shadow on the left side of your abdomen looks like an eighth note. Was that intentional? If so…that’s brilliant.

  5. woow beautiful

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