How to Play Last of The Mohicans Theme!

Attention fiddlers! This will get you started on the ornamentation needed to play this tune:

I will soon be posting the follow up Parts 2-4 as well as some beginner tips, so hop on over to the YouTube channel to subscribe if you don’t wanna miss one. If you still need the sheet music, just click that green link in the sidebar to sign up for the FREE sheet music.

Soon we will have a worldwide orchestra playing this tune~ Muah-hahaha!

Oh! If you get a chance to try this technique, please leave me a comment and let us all know how it’s going for you.


22 responses to “How to Play Last of The Mohicans Theme!

  1. Muah-hahaha! That “Muah-hahaha!” was awesome!! Muah-hahaha!!

  2. Jenny: Yes I’d LOVE sheet music to The Gael/The Kiss!!! The wife absolutely craves that tune and I smear some of the nuances of the rolls having learned it by ear.
    Are you folks coming to Ingleside this year? I hope so… Pray for DRY weather for that weekend!!!
    I love the tune lesson videos… Keep them coming (when you get time)!!!…
    We’ll see you at TRF over Thanksgiving weekend.

  3. nice work on your instructional video. you did a great job. i love it when i get to learn something new every day.

  4. Thank you for a really great explanation of the long roll. The first person that taught that to me explained it as “the note, the note above the note, the note, the note below the note, the note.” This was enough to get me started, but just last week my fiddle teacher explained it more like the way you’ve explained it, and now my rolls are starting to sound more roll-y. I think your method will definitely help me even more. Thank you so much!

    Oh and that was a wonderful interview by the way. It always makes me happy to hear about people following their dreams and really enjoying their lives. It sounds like you’re just where you want to be. I hope your first year at the pa ren fest won’t be your last!

  5. Thanks Jenny. Very clear instructions ! Im looking forward to the newxt few parts. Tom

  6. Your videos are great. I’m learning to play the violin and this is a pretty cool song I cant wait to try playing this please let me know if there is anything i need to do for the sheet music other than signing up!

  7. Jenny, when you will post new lessons for the last of the mohicans? I need to learn to play it. I am Brazilian and deeply appreciate his technique. Thank’s.

  8. Nice roll instructional! I’ll be looking for the next parts for sure. Thanks for the inspiration! Love the Hardanger fiddle sound — hope you put up a video of yourself playing one!

  9. Thanks so much to doing the video about the five note roll. I am learning it and want to move from the roll to the next 3 eigth notes F E D. Question about where the beat lands. In you instruction seems the next beat lands on note 5 of the roll? and than does not work for me. Can you play through the entire phrase for me?

  10. great explanation, is a beautiful score and thanks for sending me, I’m following your updates, too, thanks!

  11. Jenny;
    thanks for parts 1-4 , but as a beginner,( I started playing only 3 months ago. Mid life crisis) I am still having trouble getting the rhythm on how to just start playing. Maybe in part 5 you can play the song slowly. . . for us newbes. to show us how to put parts 1-4 together. Thank you for your performance.

  12. Please send a copy of sheet music for Mohicans.

  13. You’re instructions were very clear! I have been playing for about 13 years and haven’t been as much the past 2/3 so I’m picking up my violin more often now and trying to learn some stuff other than the same ‘ol violin sheet music I’ve been doing for years. I subscribed to the blog but didn’t get the sheet music for the Last of the Mohicans Theme song yet! I learned the first roll fairly easily and have been trying to figure out the rest by ear, some sheet music would sure help! Thanks 🙂 I think what you play and how you play is beautiful! Really inspires me to play more !

  14. ae Jenny valeu pelas dicas, acho que demorei um pouco para descobrir essa melodia mas vou estar seguindo seus videos . Acho que pego o jeito e guando estiver fera no assunto posto um video meu pra voce dar umas gargalhadas rsrsrsrs. T+ Abraço. Brasil – Paraná.
    translation into English:
    e Jenny won the tips, I think it took me a while to find this song but I’ll be following your videos. I think I get the hang And when, is a beast on the subject put my video to give you a few laughs. (Google Tradutor hahahaha).

  15. courtney is my daughter she has perfect pitch and can play just about anything but this song agravated her, she couldnt figure it out, we found your lessons and it showed her what she needed ty, she learned a lot from them

  16. YOu are an excellent violinist and good teacher…by myself i’ll never learn how to play Last mohicans by violin so thank you very much!!!

  17. Thank you for breaking down how to play this song. I grew up hearing it and took up playing the violin so that maybe I could someday play it. However due to the many distractions in life I am still currently a beginner. But with your lessons and generousity I will hopefully master this song just like you 🙂 All I have to do is be patient and committed 🙂 P.S. Do you think you could create a tutorial on how to play “On the Beach” from Queen of the Damned. I will be anticipating your e-mail like a Christmas present lol. Once again thank you.

  18. Elizabeth Joyce

    How cool was that! I love the way you explained it. Is 2-4 available as well?
    You are an awesomely cool woman and I love the way you play.

  19. Thank you for explaining the five note roll. I’ve been playing through Jay Unger’s Ashokan Farewell trying to play the parts with the five note slurs and you helped my focus.

  20. Hi I enjoy all if your videos and was hoping to get an email of the last of the Mohican sheet music

  21. God… ^ ^ i spent entire houers watching u and your performance”the last of the mohicans” . Actualy i play only classic music but i always wanted to learn this one since i knew it the first time. Yet although u are realy good at explaining it, something does miss/doesnt sound good when i try to play it, therefore i’d be realy pleased and happy : /) if u send me a copy of the sheet of it, this way maybe i can achive it. Thank u beforhend . Alessandro(italy)

    • she is doing a roll, if you go on youtube they will teach you how to do an irish roll a first finger roll is 12101 a second finger roll is 23212, a third finger roll is 34323, short roll is 1st 2101 2nd is 3212 3rd is 4323, if you play this slowly you will see when you are supposed to flick your finger for the really short notes

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