Original “Hot Violinist” Video Reposted

My heart skipped a beat when I heard that “The Hot Violinist” which features the full length performance of The Kiss and just passed 900,000 views was removed from YouTube. But now it’s back! It was a little sad to see it go (so close to a million!), but I can’t complain because Contragear, the original poster, has been so super supportive of me! Apparently he wanted to clean up the ending of the video so here it is in it’s new and improved form:

I’m glad it’s back, because without the reference of the original popular YouTube video I appear to be a crazy girl seemingly going around calling myself Hot all the time! Please share this video with your friends if you feel inclined to help me rebuild the groovy momentum that the original video had going for it. Thanks guys!


35 responses to “Original “Hot Violinist” Video Reposted

  1. Oh no! The pressure is on for all of us fellow “Hot Violinist”‘s to renew this video to it’s former pedestal.

    *gladly fulfils request*

  2. Also 900,000 plays was 5 years and 10 months worth of performing that one tune…

  3. being that i am a native american songs that are made for our people this one hits home very dear you play it very well and i really like the drum in background thank you for doing this song in a way it horons my people ty

  4. suggestion: MAKE A DVD WITH YOUR BAND. CD is nice and all but…a DVD with you in it would be better and it would sell better. Sexappeal is not evil. It is not evil to use it with music. Look at Shakira or Beyoncé. Why shouldn´t you use it? A DVD is better.

    Just my two cents

    PS: Loved your short tummy strip tease. You know what your male fans want with your music. Yea. Tummy.

  5. Hi Ms Jenny! Me and my choirmates are really engrossed with your arrangements of Shikee Shikee Baba, it feels like it takes me to somewhere else in a long long time ago 🙂 actually we keep on practicing it for almost 2 months since they first heard me playing it on my violin. They love it too. Only, I’m still confuse with the short adlib of the Chorus part after the “La-la-la-la-la-la, La-la-la-la-la, La-la-la-la ___________” 😀 may I know if my ears are right, is the 1st note “Ti?” because it’s almost done! Thank you and the best of luck to Circa Paleo! God bless

  6. Hello Jenny O’Connor!!!
    You are absolutely GORGEOUS as the music you play.
    I just love the passion on your performances and takes me exactly where the music has no time or limits.
    The best of the world to you lovely Jenny…

  7. Dear Jenny, any plans for visiting California???

  8. My dear Jenny I hope you would change your mind 😉
    if you are in California still enjoy the beautiful weather,
    the best of the world to you lovely Jenny…

  9. I was wondering,,, do you play a different violin in this video:

    It seems to have a different tone, then the one in the Hot V. vid.

    Maybe it’s just the recording?

    • good ear there. this is my new violin, the Jay Haide 🙂 the other one served me well and has a great tone for the price but this one is even better. i’m going to make both models available on my new Hot Violinist website since so many people have asked about them and it can be confusing to select a violin these days.

  10. we visited Sherwood forest faire on opening day 2012, I had received the newest Circa Paleo CD’s for Christmas and I can’t stop listening to them, I was introduced to Circa Paleo last year 2011 at Sherwood and just knew I had to come back to see your group perform, I was very disappointed when I found out that you would not be there, but looks like we are already planning a trip back to Austin to see you perform. It’s worth all 4.5 hour of the drive to see your group perform live. I started playing violin just a few months before I saw your group and you have inspired me to keep on trudging along while I learn to play this amazing instrument.

  11. Please I would love a copy of this song in sheet music Jenny. This song is over the hook Jenny and you playing it wooooot 😀

  12. I was searching for sheet music for The Gael and came across your site. You have a wonderful style when you play. I downloaded the sheet music, which was very helpful. I was wondering if you had any recommendations about bowing. I also noticed that you throw in several ornamentals that are not noted on the sheet music, although I think ornamentals by nature wouldn’t be included on sheet music….I’m new to celtic fiddle. Any chance you are going to have a video on different bowing techniques or common ornamentals? Again, thanks for the inspiration and information.

    • hi Jon, i haven’t done the best job at this point of linking up my instructional YouTube videos with my blog here, but I’m working on that. in the mean time you can find videos covering everything you asked about right on my YouTube channel. thanks for staying in touch, i will work on more videos to send your way.

  13. Hi
    Just wanted to thank you for your “how too” vidio on holding the bow.Now it makes sence! Hope you have more how to vidios so I can move up to the “last mohican stuff!
    Thanks again.

  14. Amazing video and music! And what a sunny day 😉 Supported 🙂

  15. Edivaldo S. Cardoso

    Jenny O’ Connor, hoje me realizei, assisti seu vídeo várias vezes e fiquei apaixonado, adorei. Esta musica mexe muito com meu interior, me emociono a cada acorde, fico sensível, não sei explicar, mas muito obrigado por você existir te adorei mil beijos, você é linda e tocando seu violino fica maravilhosa, um foi feito para o outro, não tenho mais palavras para expressar meus sentimentos, quanto a musica e a você.

  16. Jenny, Hi, I just met and heard you for the first time at the Muscogee, OK Renaissance Festival of 2012. I have to say that I absolutely LOVE your music. I enjoyed watching your display of passion for the music as you played. I bought the Circa Paleo Eleven Lives CD while at the festival. I hope to see you perform again soon.

  17. Please I would love a copy of this song in sheet music Jenny. This song is PERFECT.


  19. I’m glad some one has taken the time to teach the song. I’ve been wanting to learn it for some time now. Thanks

  20. Hey Jenny,

    I really love your performance in this video and I just love the violin!
    It’s always such a pleasure for me to listen to this song.
    But I have a little question, where do you get your amazing tops? Espeacially this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XaZpnFJf0E&list=UUlGafpnxDNDrv-ajvkVQpvw&index=10&feature=plcp

    I would be so happy for a replay


  21. I’ve always liked this song ever since i saw the movie. Its one of the few that makes me feel euphoric. But it also made me sad at the end of the movie and all. But now I’ve found The HotViolinist and i can listen and watch a very cute and talented renaissance gal play it. instead of poor Daniel Day Lewis running up the mountain to see his brother get wacked keep up the good work and thank you

  22. Absolutely mesmerizing! Doesn’t hurt that your hot as well:)…….Hope your band comes to Virginia sometime to perform; would love to see live.

    • thanks Jimmy- please let me know if you come across any good venues there!

      • 10-4. Richmond is very concert friendly and we have a Celtic Festival every Fall that would be great for your band. If it was in my control I’d put y’all up in our symphony hall (the Carpenter Center) but I’m just a normal “joe” so I wouldn’t even know where to start. You have a special gift playing the violin, love listening to you play! And thanks for the response back, it’s pretty cool for me:). Hope you have a Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year. Jimmy

  23. I love the way that I can hear your soul expressing itself with your violin….music is another language…and you speak it well…

  24. Whether the original video exists in the world or not the title of hot violinist will always be appropriate and makes perfect sense, you are very pretty and your videos on you tube are very well paced and educational.

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