My name is Jenny and I play the fiddle. I don’t call myself The Hot Violinist, but the catchy name was used for a video that a fan posted of me on YouTube. If that means that more people hear the music, and even better, come here to learn to play, I’m all for it! You can call me anything you like… I’m still just a girl on a journey.

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  1. I saw that video months ago and loved it! I caught it again while I was researching you and I see you have a blog and a facebook page. After reading your “Manifesto” at the bottom (of this site) I thought to myself.. this girl is really cool! I joined your email list and LIKED you on facebook. I wish you well and can’t wait to hear more from you in the upcoming months.


  2. Hello Jenny,nice greets from germany.
    I saw your video by looking on youtube as me searched for the musik from the last mohican.I saw the movie and i was impressed from play together pictures and musik of trevor jones.
    I must say your violin play to the last mohican is awesome. like this medieval inclined musik.
    Maybe i have sometimes the possibility to experience your music live on a renesance festival.
    I wish you and circa paleo for the future all good.
    Please forgive my bad english,i need online help to translate 🙂


  3. Thanks so much, you guys. It’s awesome to hear from so many different people all over the world! I recorded some of our performances over the weekend and will be posting them soon. Just need to get into town where my broadband works better. Right now I’m at a friend’s place out in the woods and farmland.

    • i can’t wait till i can watch it ! please hurry ! lol

    • Awesome! i can’t wait to see the performances you have to post. I have never been to a renaissance fair but I have always wanted to go. I love the medieval time period and often think i had another life during that time period (as a knight or something). Speaking of medieval times I have yet to go to that restaurant too! Yet another thing I have been wanting to do since I found out about it. I just need to get out and enjoy life more.
      Now that I am way off course… take your time and get back home safely. I am really looking forward to seeing you performances when you get them posted.
      Take Care.

    • Hi my name is cinthia l love seen your vidios I stay in
      Up whaching u play I have had a violin for 5years hoping that some day I will learn to play it can u help me I have a hard time spelling sorry fantaylove9@Gmail.com I whatch the 3 videos on begeners violin

    • hi jenny,i would to say thanx for this what you doing.i have a bad time and the video on youtube “the gael” make the live better..Sorry bad english…greetz from germany

  4. Hi Jenny,
    I’ve enjoyed your performances at the Texas RenFest for many years. I used to seek out E Muzeki as my main priority when coming to the faire. Now I look for Circa Paleo. Do you take requests? I’ve often thought that Ashoken Farewell would be an incredible addition to your set list. I realize it doesn’t quite fit the theme of Circa Paleo but it would nevertheless be a stirring song to hear you play live. Just a suggestion. I look forward to seeing you and the rest of the band in October.
    — Robert

  5. Do you plan to come to the Renaissance Fair in North Carolina? They have one near Charlotte every year. If you are coming….. I’m definitely going to attend!

  6. so i was browsing through youtube one day looking up violin covers of movie soundtracks to try and learn to play them… i happened across “the hot violinist” video and in about 2 seconds i realized that you were not only playing the theme to one of my all time favorite movies but you were playing it very well… im looking forward to keeping in touch and learning all i can…

    aspiring hot violinist-

    • Dear soon to be hot violinist,

      Glad you are in touch! That song is actually relatively easy to play, so it’s an excellent goal for a beginner to intermediate player. Did you sign up for the sheet music yet? I know I keep saying this, but I really will be posting a video soon to show some hints for the ornamentation.

      Keep playing!

  7. Do you ever come to Virginia? I’d love to have my daughter (budding violinist) see you in person!

    • I’ve never played in Virginia, but would love to. We are in Pennsylvania right now which is about the closest I’ve ever come.

      • Hi Jenny! I was not planning to go the the PA Renaissance Faire this year, but then I saw your message here. I’ll be there tomorrow! (9/10/11) Oh, that lined up nicely. I can’t wait to hear you in person!

        And if you’re the hot violinist, then that makes me the cold fiddler. 🙂

  8. Hello Jenny,

    From inside, this is the secret

    It is clear that the music flows in you.

    Regards from Barcelona

  9. i did sign up and thank you…

  10. Henrik J. Eriksen

    Hi Jenny

    You are a fantastic violin player – and from Denmark I hope you enjoy your journey and would look forward to see you and the band here.

    Regard from Denmark

  11. Hi Jenny! You are a wonderful music artist, love your performs one YouTube, I have ad some of the videos to my channel Trebor Window to YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/trebor56?feature=mhee

  12. I like your music that is different from the main stream … it is amazing to see people playing music that is different from their culture and sounding so nice … like a breeze of fresh air suddenly blowing out of nowhere … music should be non uniform or prejudice … there are good music from all cultures waiting to be explore, and hope that this would bring the world closer together …. “keep up the good music” !

  13. Hi Jenny,
    I stumbled across your music, while I was checking out some music on youtube. You guys are freaking awesome! You guys should come play in Southern California and the renaissance fair here. I also like your old group E. Muzeki too. That guitar player is amazing!! this is my favorite youtube..

    Ok, hope all is well in your continued path to reaching the masses!

  14. Hi Jenny,

    My 10 year old daughter and I have seen you at Great Lakes the last couple of years and always look forward to it. This year we decided to make the 6 hour trip to catch Circa Paleo at the PA RenFaire. Shortly after we took our front row seats on Sunday 9/4, you recognized us from Great Lakes. My daughter was so thrilled!! She is trying to decide what instrument she wants to play and I think you convinced her to try violin with your little bit of kindness. We saw three of your shows that day and hope you come back to Great Lakes and PA Ren Faire next year too. We always look forward to seeing you.
    Also, I spoke briefly with Jay about your new CD’s after the show and he was so kind and enthusiastic about them. My daughter now can’t decide between drums and violin!! (Dad is predjudiced since he played the drums.)

    I just wanted to let you know that your music and shows are loved by a 45 year old man and his 10 year old daughter — now that speaks to your appeal to all ages!! Thanks to you and Kelly, Josh and Jay for all your hard work and sharing your amazing gifts with us all.

    Greenville PA

  15. GREETINGS! Jenny and all members from Circa Paleo!

    I just got to your site and Circa Paleo from a great video of yours playing the violin (I watched it in YouTube). And… You know something? YOU ROCK! You have a GREAT SPIRIT and a huge energy and passion, I (and I believe many others, too) just love it!

    Such energy to inspire, transform, create and admire all beauty in life and share the love to everything we do! Your band is also amazing! Keep it up, and I hope to read and see more from you and Circa Paleo’s journey!

    Your friend from Monterrey City, Nuevo León, México,
    -Gemavic Gonzalez

  16. greeting from the Netherlands! I wish your band can play at our Elf Fantasy Fair at Haarzuilen castle that’s being held every year, here in our country.

    Here’s their website!

  17. I saw the video the hot violinist (last of the mohicans) and I loved your performance.

    Im a brazilian girl, I began violin classes, I looking for the violin lirics last of mohicans.

    So I ask for this lirics. Can you send me this lirics by email?

    Thanks for your attention,

  18. Jenny, love your playing style! That’s very cool that you’ve decided to help others learn from your efforts. I make some odds and ends instruments including a cigar box fiddle that I’d love for you to try out sometime. I can’t play violin at all and would love to hear how the thing actually sounds in capable hands.


  19. Greetz from Antwerp, Belgium!

    I just discovered this. O_O absolutely amazing music you make! AWESOME!
    I’m going to travel a few months through the United States in 2013 to visit long time not seen family. I’m sure Circa Paleo will still be playing by that time. Time and place not known yet off course, But be sure that there will be some Belgians in the audience!

  20. Hi Jenny,
    Thanks for this; your playing is just brilliant! I am blown away by your ease and style while playing. I hope someday to play even half as well.
    Keep it up!

    Toronto, ON

  21. love your songs and I reeeaaaally would like to have the sheet music of one of them

  22. ummm … hey Jenny… I LOVE YOU 😀 … just saw your video .. The Hot Violinist … and actually nothing to say but .. Impressed … Amazed .. by an Angel playing that sweet violin! loved your perofmance alot .. your costume .. your everything . and now listening to the tracks at Circapaleo.com.
    hope you can take care of your Facebook pages more than this .. make some propaganda jenny to let the people know you 🙂 … you are amazing and circa paleo is amazing … hope someday you can make a visit to Cairo,Egypt … actually hope you can make something with that Arabian Touch … you know what i mean .. this warm sad music 🙂 !
    wish you the Best Jenny .. love you 🙂 .. and don’t forget .. Facebook advertising is important for you at this level jenny 😉

    – Amer Mohamed

  23. hi jenny im from algeria we are original from old andalocia
    you’re playing andalucian music with the violin thats awesome
    i like your music and i like you sooooooooooo match
    i send you a big kiss you’re a angel jenny.
    i come to phila in january i hope to see you there

  24. Come to Brazil haha. You are so beautiful and your musics are perfect! We’ll love see you here.

  25. I’ve just saw your videos
    you are amazingly talented at the violin, and I’m sure a lot of people have pretty much summed up your looks,

    ~ Quick question
    – you are a health nut, and eat nutritious and your band name is circa PALEO… I’m just trying to connect the dots but do you eat a paleo diet ?
    are you into the excercise naturally, primal lifestyle and that sort of type stuff ?

    • I am a health nut! I will admit it. While violin is my passion and my living, my hobbies are exercise and healthy cooking. I’ve heard of the Paleo diet, but I don’t know exactly what it is. We chose Paleo for our band name because it means “distant in space or time,” and our music comes from many times and places. I have evolved through many ways of eating, and I will continue to elaborate here on the blog from time to time. I’ve accumulated a lot of healthy tips and habits over the years that I would love to share. I eat a TON of vegetables, nuts and legumes, quite a few egg whites, and small amounts of lean meats. I’ve found that this makes me feel more energized and happy than when I stick to vegan or vegetarian foods.

  26. Hello Jenny! Two of my friends and I saw Circa Paleo perform at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire back in August and we absolutely fell in love with your music. You are stunning and a fantastic violinist!

    As I am just beginning to learn violin, do you have any tips?

    Thank you!

    • Congrats on starting your fiddle journey, Erin! Yes, I have a ton of tips. I learned as an adult, so I freshly remember the challenges of beginning. One of my passions and goals is to help other adult fiddle learners to skip over some of the pitfalls I endured. I filmed some videos for beginners just today, so keep checking back here or subscribe for continued tips. For now here are a couple basic ones:

      1) Practice frequently for short periods, rather than pushing for long practices. Five minutes a day, every day, will take you so much further than a two hour block once or twice a week. If you can carve out 30 minutes a day, great! But five minutes is so much better than none. If you are practicing 30 minutes or more, take very frequent breaks to release the tension in your hands arms and body. Put the violin down, and then stand tall and shake your hands out before picking it back up.

      2) Go easy on yourself. Little kids who learn often have the benefit of grown-ups to tell them they are doing great at every little step, long before they actually sound good. You have to be your own kind grown-up nurturing your budding hot violinist within.

  27. Bos días, Jenny!
    I´m glad to hearing of your devotion to music, I think it´s important to disseminate music among people.
    And (why not?) i´m glad to see two wonderful kinds of beauty in your videos.
    Anyway, I love this kind of music, so keep this way 😉

    Hugs from Galicia (Spain)!

  28. Hi Jenny~!
    Just received your email today… Loved it ! And thanks for the lesson, and sheet music! You are fantastic!

    Do you ever get to the San Francisco Bay Area? We have the Scottish Games in Sept and the Bay Area Renaissance Festival in February and March. I would love to see you and Circa Paleo at either event.

    Keep with the great music choices!


  29. Correction; The Northern California Renaissance Faire. September 17th, through October 16th 2011


  30. hola Jenny !!!

    me fascina todo lo relacionado con la época medieval y encontrarme con alguien que trasmitiera todas esas vivencias de aquella época mediante la música fue la mejor sorpresa me encantaría que vinieras a Bogota (Colombia ) aunque no lo creas tienes muchos fans aqui ademas circa paleo es excelente ojala vinieran algún día.

    amo el violín y aprecio tu trabajo.

  31. Hi Jenny!

    I love everything about medieval times and meet someone they passed all these experiences through music that time was the best surprise I would love to come to Bogota (Colombia) believe it or not have many fans here is excellent plus circa paleo hopefully come some day.

    I love the violin and I appreciate your work.

  32. Hi Jenny,
    I’m Philippe, from France. I just saw your video.
    I like your song, the gael, and I like your interpretation.
    Could you please send me your partition, I’m looking for chord to try to play it with a guitar (I’m beginer).

    • The sheet music of my rendition has guitar chords listed over the violin notes. You can get a copy by signing up for the email list via the Green link in the sidebar. I will be happy for you to play it!

  33. Heya Jenny,
    Ran across the video of ya playing The Gael on youtube. Im an art guy who normally draws samurai’s, whacky ninja girls and animals, but thought id take a quick break from the norm and did a drawing of ya, one of those spur of the moment things. Its up on Deviant Art, safe/popular website, so if you like to check it out, i’d be happy to send ya the link.

  34. You started learning violin at 18? Most impressive! Will be looking forward to some tips for adult learners. I’ve followed Circa Paleo on Twitter. Hoping to catch a future performance in Northern California!

  35. being an artist I would love to see it too, and your other artwork too.


  36. Jenny, I have a couple of your groups cds and I cant stop listening to them. The thing I missed was the short discription and quick history of each song hat you give before each song at the Ren Fairs. I understand that it would be difficult to do a live cd because of some of the locations but, have ya’ll ever thought of doing a live style album but in the studio

    • Yes! Actually we are doing a live recording and video in Houston December 2 at The Mucky Duck. If you come to the show you will be the audience noise for the DVD!

      • Jenny, Thank you for the invite, unfortunatly I will have to wait until the release of the CD and DVD. I saw ya’ll at the PA ren faire and was wondering if you would be returning for next years faire

  37. Hey Jenny, I just got back home after going to the Texas Renaissance fair this weekend, and I loved your music! I heard the mournful notes of your violin in the “Mohican theme” and had to buy a CD! I’ve been playing piano for about 7-8 years, but you’ve inspired me to try and learn the violin 🙂 I love your music, keep it up!

  38. Hi, Jenny. Congrats for your work, your music is really beautiful. I’m glad to se people maintain the old culture ressonating in the present, and you and your band do it pretty well, thank you for that!

    Now, when are you guys comming to Brasil?

  39. Where can we buy the DVD when it is released?


  40. Hey Jenny,

    How long have you been playing? I am 21, but you have inspired me and I really want to learn. Do you think it would be difficult due to my age?

    • Hi Lori, You should definitely start playing! Beginning on the violin takes patience, but it’s never too late to start. You are particularly young still. If you start now you could be having a ton of fun with it and sounding really great by the time you are 25, and totally stellar by 30. A good teacher and good violin are key. I started when I was 18 but I wasted a couple of years with lack of focus and teachers who did not understand the challenges of the adult student. Please stay in touch, because I am developing this website to give you all the info and tools you need to know to get started. Also, feel free to email me with your specific questions! If you sign up for the email list you will get an email from me.

      • Jenny,

        Ok, thank you so much! I really want to start, but because I am from a small town I lack instructors. Do you recommend learning from watching videos oneline, like the instructional ones you post?

  41. Lori, I have been taking lessons from a private instructor in Chicago via video Skype. I’ve been amazed how well it works. Instructional videos are great, especially if you have a basic beginners understanding already. Having a good teacher is KEY, and unfortunately there are many out there who lack experience teaching adults and may be content taking your money week by week without actually having you on the path to progress. My teacher, Corrin, and me are currently working to create an online learning system tailored for adults who want to learn proper technique, but who may have style interests beyond what classical music has to offer. Our program will involve private video lessons from her and me with enough classical technique to keep you progressing and enough folk fiddle to keep you having fun. So, just stay in touch! Do you have your violin yet?

  42. Jenny,

    No Ma’am I do not.I was going to ask you what you recommend? Also I really am wanting to learn the style of music that you play. I know that I will not learn it over night, but that is my ultimate goal. =)

  43. Hi Lori, I recently went to my favorite violin shop to play different models and research what I can recommend for the least expensive beginner model. Go too cheap and it will actually keep you from ever getting better. I found a great sounding model for $450. Let me know if you want one, and I can set it up for them to send you one. If that’s too much, I recommend renting one of this quality from the same shop until you are ready to invest $450. Or you can rent to own. Email me if you want me to set it up for you!

  44. Jenny,

    Ok, thank you. I have to try and sweet-talk my husband. Lol I will get back to you and let you know what he says. I probably already know the answer haha.

  45. I have to agree with Jenny on these issues Lori, if you want to play the violin, just start playing. I was a late starter too (at 40) but with a decent violin and a good teacher you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can pick it up. My first violin was a cheap e-bay model, but I had to get a new bridge and strings just to make it playable. After about a year and a half I bought a better violin and discovered just how poor that first one was. If I were to start all over again, I would probably go the rent to own route.

    A good teacher is also very valuable. My first violin teacher taught me proper form and gave me plenty of music theory, but my playing enjoyment really kicked in when I switched to an Irish fiddle instructor. Learning to play by learning actual tunes is more fun than doing scales all day. And the Irish fiddle tradition is aural, so there was no need for me to know how to read sheet music (but that’s a plus if you can).

    Good luck with that sweet-talking (maybe remind him that Christmas is just around the corner (if you celebrate that holiday)).

  46. Jenny,

    One more thing, and I will leave you alone. Have you ever played the viola? My mother has one, and considered learning it. If I did decide to take this route would I be able to pick up the violin with ease, or do you not recommend this?

  47. Hi Lori, Yep- I’ve played viola. It’s a beautiful deep dark instrument. A lot of the techniques are the same, but the attitude and roll of the instrument is way different. As far as my recommendation- I say play viola only if you feel called and connected toward playing the viola. If you are just grabbing the viola for temporary convenience and you know violin is your spark- then keep your mental focus on violin. This will expedite a violin coming your way. It’s best to commit yourself fully to learning an instrument, one at a time.

  48. I don’t know if you remember me but we spoke at the Texas Renaissance Festival. I was interested in learning to play the violin. First things first however, I need to buy one! So for the sake of saving myself unnecessary frustration by purchasing a “wonky” violin, I wanted to consult you before taking the plunge! I am not sure what size I need or how to determine that (I am rather short, like 5 foot nothing, so my arms are in proportion to me! LOL). Here is the one I am looking at:
    If you have time to make a suggestion to me I greatly appreciate it! ^_^

    • Hi Thea, I would not recommend buying this violin. I recommend a beginner model that costs about $450 for a full outfit with everything you need. It sounds great, is set up properly for playing, and has all the qualities you need to be able to progress and make nice sounds. Unfortunately violins like the one you’ve linked can keep you sounding terrible much longer than you deserve, and some can even be completely unplayable. If $450 is too much for your budget, I recommend renting a comparable model until you are ready to invest. Many shops have a rent to own option for as little as $10 or $20 per month. The instrument is important for encouraging your success. Send me an email if you’s like me to give the info about a good fiddle. Congrats on taking the first step with your violin shopping!

      • Hey Jenny. I live in Austin and frequent houston. Would you mind giving me a few details about this $450 model? As in the brand/model or a product number, the store where I can go check it out?

      • It’s a model that I played at Terra Nova Violins in San Antonio: http://www.terranovaviolins.com/ I don’t remember the model name right now. Here’s what you can do:

        Give them a call and ask for Abbas. Then tell him that you are interested in the $450 model that Jenny really liked. He will know what you are talking about! His customer service is amazing.

    • Are you still looking for a fiddle? I’m sorry to get back to you so late!! Please email me and I’ll help you get something that’s not at all wonky: jennyoconnor@msn.com

  49. Jenny. I wrote you once before. I have only played the violin since September. I have downloaded your sheet music to the Last Mohicans. I have practiced your 3 videos for the Trills part of the music. However my issue lies in the sheet music. I am still learning how to read music and find it very difficult. I am still using finger positions. ha ha. ie. String G, D, A, E finger position 1, 2, 3 or 4. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind doing a set of sheet music with handwritten 1, 2, 3, 4 finger positions. If you don’t have time… I understand. It would help tremendously. Or if you could walk through the song 3 to 4 notes at a time so we could mimic you. Again… if you have time. I am loving learning the violin. Much harder then I thought but I am seeing strides already. Just learned Silent night for this Christmas.

    Thanks Jenny. Keep it coming. Elvis

    • Hi Elvis,
      I completely understand the need for more specific instructions and I am excited about extending the video lessons at my next opportunity. I would be happy to also make a version of the music with fingering positions. I will probably have a really nice system worked out to teach this song soon after the holidays. Just keep practicing and know that I haven’t forgotten about you. Thanks for letting me know about your progress so far! I really appreciate you letting me know what would help the most. 🙂 jenny

  50. Hey Jenny .. really one of ur big fans … and wanted to ask if you can play something with Egyptian\Arabian spirit .. know what I mean ? 😉
    and keep up young lady .. someday you gonna be the best 🙂

  51. William Joseph McBride

    Hello Jenny Questions
    1. What Transducer if any are you using on your Violin and what Wireless?
    2. Seasoning a new bow? Types of Rosin and how you do it.
    3rd and last.
    What brand of strings and type do you suggest?
    Joseph McBride

  52. Jenny,
    I am in High School and play fiddle tunes as well as rock, pop, and classical. I love all of the music you play and am now signed up for your Newsletter, and I may be goinmg out on a limb but I feel that everyone would live fou you to post more tutorial style videos of other songa as well as the sheet music for them. 🙂

  53. excuse me do you have more music sheets? where can i see them?

    • I have a humble collection of two music sheets so far. They are both available by signing up for the email list via the green link in the upper right hand corner. I plan to create a library of them eventually…

  54. Hi Jenny

    Thanks for share your talent with us.
    Since I began to hear you playing, music has a new meaning to me.

    And if a bearded old man try to put you in a bag, do not be alarmed. I asked you for Christmas Santa Claus haha…

    Merry Christmas


  55. Merry xmas Jenny Love your work !

    Love from Australia


  56. William Joseph McBride


  57. Hello Jenny!
    Love your performance and songs since e museki to Circa Paleo”
    wonder where can i find some sheet scores from your reportory, songs like: Swedish Cantiga, Reap the Harvest or Brittonik!
    Cheers hot violinist!

    Regardz from Portugal

  58. hi jenny, im from ireland, im fifteen and have been playing for 11 years, i now teach 🙂 my dad loves the kiss and i was inquiring about sheet music for it? any help would be much appreciated 🙂 e x

  59. William Joseph McBride

    Happy Newyear

  60. William Joseph McBride

    ok new question

    alot of Rosin or a Little ? I find it is building up on the strings. is this bad.
    Loose bow strings or tight? I seem to get squeeling still. Its a new Bow so is this just a breaking in period?

  61. Hi Jenny Just saw your videos for the first time and love them. I downloaded your arrangement of the Mochican Theme and noticed your comments in the video about the difficulty of denoting a “roll” in classic notation. There is an actual notation for this. In classical music it is called a turn and is notated with a “hooked bow” ( e.g. a dotted eighth followed by a sixteenth – both beamed together) with a symbol over them that looks like an F-hole lying on its side. The Irish roll is the ascending turn where the notes start by increasing at the start. Classical music also has a descending roll as well. If written out fully you would take the middle eighth note of your first three eighth note and replace it with with four 32nd notes starting on the original eighth note value then ascending, returning and then descending. Hard to describe accurately but you can find it discussed, written out in both forms and also palyed in Matt Cranitch’s “The Irish Fiddle Book”

  62. Oops!!! My description above describing hooked bows is actually not right. A better description of how to notate a note that is “turned” or “rolled” is to take the original note and replace it with 5 notes. The first of the 5 is the original note but at half the time value. This is followed by 4 notes at 1/8th the time value of the original note. So a quarter note roll is an eighth note followed by the four 1/32nd notes of the roll with the first tied to the starting eighth. It is often notated as a dotted eighth note followed by a sixteenth note which is why I described as a hooked bow note

  63. Heyyy, i was wondering how i get the sheet music, because when i click on the link in the email it just comes up with this page :/ am i missing something? Ta xx

  64. Sorry sorry, I found it! I’m such a noob

  65. "the last of the mohicans" partitures for violin

    Hi Jenny, my name is Helen and I am from Bolivia, I love the violin pleseeeeee help me, I need “the last of the mohicans” partitures for violin. I like your videos they are so great 🙂

  66. The sheet music and YouTube lessons on the rolls in “Mohicans” are fantastic, but had some difficulty getting the timing right when I put them in the melody. Next time, can you include a bit of playing the measure where such techniques are used so we may hear them in context. Great job. Do you have more Celtic-flavored pieces coming?

  67. Andy in the Panhandle

    Hi Jenny,
    Just saw your Gael video last nite for the first time! Wow! I have been taken by Celtic music even as a little kid—-years ago. Fiddle music is my favorite! You have given me hope that I just might be able to play the fiddle! Thanks for letting my heart sing with your music!!!!

  68. hello jenny (typing it while saying it like forrest gump just doesn’t convey, bummer).
    so, I try again,
    Hi Jenny, How very fun it was for me to listen to you play the violin, especially the tune from my favorite movie (next to Big Trouble in Little China and The Muppet Christmas Carol, bjt I digress) anyway…I had my very first ever violin lesson today, from a musician who advertises on craigslist. I am glad that he actually taught music and didn’t try to wear my skin. (again with the digressing) I have always wanted to learn to play an instrument, and violin has been the one I wanted to do, so now I am doing it (yeah me!) As far as tunes (melodies, songs…pieces…what do you call them??) I always wanted to be able to play the ones from last of the Mohicans…in particular the one listed as Promontory on the soundtrack. Most impressed with your rendition..and very kind offer of sheet music. Now, in truth, you could send me sheet music for “itsy bitsy spider” and I wouldn’t know the diff, never played an instrument until today and wouldn’t know a note to save my life. But, one dy i will, and this is music I would love to play…and perhaps woo some nerdy women who dig violin music and may actually have heard that before….won’t hold my breath. Also, really like that Transylvanian Lullaby (???) from Young Frankenstein. (if you take requests.)

    So, thanks for the offer and the tutorials. One day i hope to not my my dogs run out of the room and my neighbors call the HOA on me whilst playing the violin.


  69. Just saw ur video “The Gael”. My wife loved the movie, of course, so now I’ve got to try and play it. I’m looking forward to the challenge.

  70. Hello Jenny, I came across your amazing music while looking for some nice violin videos to show to my friend, who is just beginning to learn how to play the violin. In my way of supporting her, I would like to learn Patsheeva Gypsy Tune, so that i may play with her. I only play guitar so if you are able to get the music sheets for the guitar as well as violin it would be awesome! I think after hearing some of your music I am a really looking forward to showing my friend your amazing skills, and the band as well. Can’t forget about them now can we. =)

  71. Hi Jenny can you please send me the notes for last of the mohicans. Thanks 🙂

  72. hello, firstly I am a huge fan and seccondly for my birthday I got a violin, but allthough I have seen many of your youtube vidioes and practised and practised, again and again the tune on my violin is weak. Have you got any sugetions on what the problem is and how I might be able to get better. Could I be holding the bow wrong or is it not tuned propperly, it is 4/4 from gear4music if you have any idears please contact me

  73. Hy Jenny
    I`m from Brazil and I saw your clip the gael on youtube, I love this song and you playng it is perfect because you are a wonderfull musician and a fantastic violinist, the best in my opinion. I want to congratulate you. I would like to post more but my english is verry bad. I`m sorry. Thanks for share your performances to us. Love from Brazil Renato

  74. Vernon Rodrigue

    Hi Jenny, I saw your video while browsing the net to learn how to play the violin. You struck me as a nice young lady and reminded me of my daughter.
    I live in south louisiana yes I was born and raised a Cajun. I am 58 yrs old and just starting to learn to play the violin. Your tips are very helpfull. I have a few questions and they may sound funny but anyway I have very large hands and fingers from working as a machinist all my life and find it hard to place them in the right position on the strings will this improve. Also will a shoulder rest help me hold the violin better. I have a lot more questions but I don’t want to take up a lot of your time. Do ya tink dat I got a chance to learn da violin? Vernon (Nonc Gag) Rodrigue

    • Yes the shoulder rest will help! It’s difficult for everyone to place the left hand fingers at first, so don’t feel bad about your fingers being big. It will definitely improve, just hang in there. It’s normal to feel like you may never get it. I felt that way and eventually it improved.

  75. Saw your video and I am impressed by your talent. Wish you the best.

  76. i was fliipin thru you tube today, saw some of your videos…now am inspired make the plunge into the violin. ty =]

  77. Hi Jenny. I have to say that your one of the persons that makes me want to keep practicing more. And I also saw this video of you playing the son “on the beach” and it was wanderful. Please can you sent me the notes to the song. And thanks =)

  78. Hi Jenny,

    I was listening to a bunch of Youtube clips of “The Gael” because I’m teaching myself to play it on the piano, and I came across “The Hot Violinist.” The quality of sound and visual is pretty impressive (kudos to the person holding the camera!)

    But even more so, I love the way you played that song on the violin; it was seemingly flawless. You also have an incredible stage presence. I think mesmerizing is a good word to describe it. I don’t know how people in the background of that video could just walk past your stage, instead of stopping dead in their tracks to watch you.

    I checked out your other videos, and they are also great. I would love to know when you are coming to play in the Northern Virgina area.


  79. Sandra Larimore

    Jenny, Just found you onYouTube looking for Mohicans theme. I’ve played for years, both classical and fiddle, and celtic. But I could NEVER quite fit the middle part of the Gael until YOU! Thanks SO VERY MUCH for the sheet music!!! You are a generous soul. And so talented! Do you have the sheet music for the Gypsy music you wrote? Thanks again, from a Wyoming fiddler. Sandra

  80. Vanessa Chambliss

    Hi Jenny, As a ellow violinist i just found you on youtube you are espectacular! ^^ I watched your “last of the mihicans” instruction video, and i really think i wnt to give that song a shot its an amazing song so i wanted to know now can i get the sheet music? 🙂

  81. Hi Jenny!

    I was looking for the sound played at Queen of Damned beach scene and I found your performance in a duet, it led me to The Hot Violinist video and others with de Circa Paleo. You pass an image of a kind person in your videos. I’m a medieval music enthusiast and liked very much of your group. I hope to hear more about it soon.

    Sorry about my poor english.

    Regards from Brazil

  82. I want to start learning fiddle, but I know literally nothing about playing any kind of music or instrument. I’m assuming that like anything else there are probably a variety of different fiddles available in a range of prices. Do you have any adivice on what would be a good purchase for a beginner? I have no idea if they come in different sizes or maybe have different features or what, so any comments that could point me in the right direction and keep me from wasting my money would be great.

    • YES! I get this question a lot and a good playable fiddle is soooo important for successful beginning. So I went to my fave fiddle shop and tried a bunch of beginner models. I found one that I believe is the perfect balance of low price and high quality. It runs $450 from Terra Nova violins in San Antonio TX. My opinion is that spending any less on a fiddle is actually a waste of money unless you happen to get really lucky with something used. Risky at best. Drop me an email and I can send you pictures and put you in touch with them. They also have rent to own options: jennyoconnor@msn.com

  83. hi jenny. I love your youtube videos. Thanks for posting the lessons for playing ‘the gael’. Can I get a copy of the tab? Thanks

  84. when you first began to learn to play what did you find the most difficult part?The fingering or the bowing?I’m 37 years old and i find sometimes the bowing drives me insane.Is there a trick to be able to ease the corrodination,maybe bow patterns you play ect?


  85. another question i have is a bow.what do you recomend for a bow.Have you
    tried different makes ?What dollar range to start with ?

    thanks again


  86. Hi Jenny,
    This is Deborah–my daughter and I met you a few times this Spring at the SoCal Renn Faire! I just found this blog, and your how to vids–can’t thank you enough for the inspiration and practical tips! I just started working on the Kiss with your help, and have figured out most of Fir Bolg by ear on my vioin and viola–it’s my bowing technique(basically lack thereof) that is the biggest challenge for me, but your music has been such a gift, I am really improving in a short time! I tend to spead myself too thin, and consequently my newest instrumental endeavors are slow going–but last night I first figured out the Kiss on my tin whistle–very fun! I wanted to do more, but all the accidentals in your more Eastern inspired tunes ain’t gonna happen, so I pulled out the strings, and voila! Any type of scale is so easy to figure out, it got me over my intimidating hump of fear! I am so excited, and whipping out harmonic and melodic minor scales like crazy, with some improvisation! Now I really need to work on my bowing!
    BTW, Emma gave you her biggest compliment today–you are her “Favorest” band, now! We will be back at Faire late next Sunday, and hope to say Hi if she and her friend will leave the Fantastickals for a moment! If not, we hope to see you all next year!
    All the best, and thank you SO much for sharing your passion and instruction!

  87. HI Jenny,
    My daughter and I met you several times this spring at SoCal Renn Faire–I just found this blog, and your instruction videos-awesome! With your help, I started working on The Kiss, and have figured out a good deal of Fir Bolg on violin and viola–my arms are sore, but it is worth it! Last night I worked out the Kiss on my tin whistle, and wanted to figure out more, but your mid-eastern inspired songs with all those accidentals ain’t gonna happen on the whistle, so I pulled out the strings! I’ve been whipping off harmonic and melodic minor scales like crazy–thanks for getting me over my intimidating hump of fear out of determination to play your songs! Truly inspiring, and practical tips, too! I still need LOTS of work with my bowing technique (or lack thereof!)… it’ll come!
    BTW, Emma gave you her biggest compliment this morning–Circa Paleo is now her “Favorest” band—she has also just started to read, and was reading the song titles off Roseland in the car last night-yay phonics!
    Anyway, thanks so much for your music and help–we’ll try to stop by next Sunday if Emma will leave the Fantastickals, but if not, hope we see you guys next year!
    All the best with your continued journey!-Deborah

  88. Hi Jenny,
    I stumbled across your posts on youtube, and fell in love with your music!! I like all the different styles that you play but especially the more traditional irish/Scottish folk music type of tune. I have been thinking of playing the violin again (I am a 55 year old male with fingers like sausages!!) but have not picked one up sinceI was 14, and have completely forgoptten how to read music. Any advice ( apart from don’t bother!! lol)?
    Also, do you sell CDs of your music?
    Harry in England

    • My advice is that it’s certainly worth it to start playing whenever you can. It’s never too late and the world will never have another violinist quite like you. Sausage fingers are not a problem. Actually- they contribute to the best tone! CDs of my music can be found here: http://www.circapaleo.com


  89. Jenny!
    Im in love with “The Kiss”
    Iv even set it as my ringtone after a few edits 😀

    Anyway i was wondering if i could remix your track i wanted to experiment a bit on how it would sound with a nice trance feel to it 😉

  90. Hey jenny i berely heard of you and your website because i fell so in love with the song you played called On the Beach played in the fil Queen of the Damned and i was hoping if you can be able to send me the music sheet for this song. I would really appreciate it since i would like to practice it and probably use it in my schools talent show next year. Please let me know as soon as possilbe. Thank You.

  91. Hi, Jenny! I’m so happy you make this website, cause you are one of my favourites violinists, also because I really wanted to learn the way you play The Kiss. Last year we played it at my music school, the classic way, but it wasn’t the same thing of playing like you.
    Ahm… I would like to know if you have some tip for playing fast, because when I do it I miss some notes and the bow touch the others strings, and I don’t understand if the problem is my left-hand, or my right-hand.
    Thanks, Jen! I hope one day I could watch you playing live, not by the computer.

    • Hi Mireli,

      My guess is that there is not a “problem” with either your left or right hand, but that you simply need more precise practice to synchronize them. The key to what you need to do differently is right there in your question. It’s a red flag that the focus of your question is to “play fast.” Can you it perfectly cleanly slowly? Do you have a metronome? If so, start practicing at the absolute slowest tempo you think you can handle. And then go a notch slower! Work on a small section at a time. If it’s not quite clean when you do it slow try to find the first specific problem area right down to a single note or two. Play those two notes or examine the string change to figure out where the unpleasant “noise” is coming in. If you can play the section nice and clean 5 times in a row at the slow tempo, then move the metronome up 5 clicks and start again to shoot for 5 perfect takes in a row. If you start to miss notes or let the bow touch other strings, then you need to go back down in tempo. Do this each day for 10-30 minutes and before you know it, the metronome will be at higher tempos than you thought seemed possible and your right and left hands will be flying along in perfect synchronicity.

  92. Im 10 years old and I have been playing violin for 3 years so how long did it take you to get so good at it?

  93. Just saw your part 1 video on how to play the LOTM theme. Thanks for finally unlocking that part of the song!!!! I play a little of everything guitar, fiddle, mandolin, banjo and I am really looking forward to the LOTM sheet music.

    Thanks for ending many sleepless nights trying to figure this song out!


  94. I liked the way you play the violin, if you have msn add me or pass me stannley@live.com, you have facebook. https://www.facebook.com/stannleyn

  95. hi,bonjour
    i’m from Brittany north-west of France,i like the way you are playing all those songs 🙂
    i’m playing bagpipes since 1 year and i want to know if you have partitions for “the Gaël” ?
    thank you very much ,good job for our website !!!

  96. Hello, my name is Thomas. My very inspiration came from the queen of the damned movie ‘on the beach’, it’s incredible. I would love to learn that peace, and what scales and techniques I need to practice. Do you mind sending me the sheet music for it please!?

  97. Hi Jenny! Here is Andrea from Italy! Your videos are very amazing! I’m a celtic music lovers, so i wanna ask you IF / WHEN / WHERE you will plan to come play your music in Europe! Thank you for your answer! Good luck

  98. Hi Jenny,
    Hope you are all well, and enjoying the Faire circuit! Em and I are still loving listening and dancing to all your CDs! We hum every song!
    Just had to let you know I found a great and very flexible violin/viola teacher who is willing to do periodic lessons when I can afford them! Just 2 lessons has helped hugely with my bow hold and bowing, the biggest challenge! And even though my instruments were quite inexpensive, they are sounding pretty good! I’m working mostly out of my Renaissance Festival Favorites fake book, and learning other melodies by ear- having a great time! Also met a kindred spirit who wants to sing Renaissance songs in every language at the Koroneburg Faire–I had learned about 20 last year in Eng, French, German, Italian, and Spanish, and now have someone to sing with! We’re trying to get a group of musicians together so we can play instrumental and vocal pieces a la Baltimore Consort or Owain Phyfe–off to a great start! I also found 2 amazing CDs of medieval Norwegian songs, my next project!
    Anyway, Emma and I send our best, and look forward to seeing Circa Paleo next spring!

  99. Hi Jenny,
    It’s so easy to go through life without realizing the impact one has on others, so I wanted to take a moment and let you know the impact you’ve had on me.

    Your music has come to be the perfect balm for a busy day. I listen to your CDs regularly during my drive to and from work and find your music to be both calming and energizing.

    Then there are the wonderfully informative instructional videos you’ve posted and the encouraging words you’ve had for aspiring violinists on this website. Recently you mentioned to “Elijah” that you felt you sounded nice and listenable around the 5 year mark. I had been wondering the same thing as I’ve been learning traditional Irish fiddle tunes for almost 4 years. I’m finally beginning to less embarrassed when people hear me trying to play.

    Lastly, I’m so excited to see that Manheim PA is on the Circa Paleo calendar for this year! As much as I enjoy the CDs, I enjoy your actual performances even more and can’t wait to see the lot of you at the fair again this year!

    So please remember, if you ever feel that you’re having an “off” day, don’t forget about all the wonderful things you’ve done for so many people just by being the great musician and lovely person that you are.

    Thank you very much!

  100. I could watch you playing live, not by the computer. You are one of my favourites violinists!!
    Brazil fans!

  101. Hi Jenny. I will start this email like all the others. Stating. Remember me. Ha ha. Anyway. I am the 42 year guy that started playing last September because of my 3 year old daughter Scarlet. My name is Elvis btw.

    I have learned to play the last mohicans song…but without the 5 note trills. I can play the 5 note trills by themselves but when I try to add them to the song… it sounds more like a lesson than the song.

    Perhaps I am still too slow. Any word of advice? PS. I just learned Bolero… by Ravel… Well the middle part anyway and a number of small jigs.
    Swallow tail jig being one of them.

    Jenny I must tell you… I AM HOOKED. this violin thing has consumed my life!! I am really enjoying it. So is my daughter… to an extent. she plays her little violin…open strings only…just making sound and then she bows.
    it’s really precious. I have a vid on my phone if you wish to see.

    Anyway take care. And thanks for the music sheet. it was the only way I learned the song.

    Cheers Elvis.

    P.S. Please come to Calgary Canada someday. I would definitely come see you.

    • Hi Elvis,

      I know just what you mean about trying the trills in Last of the Mohicans-

      I’m just starting to post the series of videos that show you how to put those trills into the actual melody. Check out my latest YouTube vid- I’ll post another one soon as a follow up to that.

      Since you’ve practiced the five note trills, you can give those a rest for a while. Just focus on learning the melody. Then try to put the trills back in, and it will be much easier.

  102. Lee Zimmerman

    Hi Jenny. A friend of mine forwarded me a link of your “namesake” video on youtube in which you perform The Gael from Last of the Mohicans. I am gobsmacked… such a brilliant and beautiful rendition! Have you recorded this version? And if so, might I purchase it? Blessings and keep up the great work! -L. Zimmerman

  103. Marconi Gomes

    Hi Jenny I’m starting to learn the violin this month (you do not want to be my teacher? rs rs)
    You are very beautiful and amazing on the violin, I see your videos almost every day (I even think to love with you).
    in order to hopefully one day I will be as good a violinist as you
    Thanks and keep posting more videos for us
    kisses from here Rio de Janeiro

  104. Hello Jenny…..you are so good, love hearing you play. Thank you for helping me and so many others learn to play. Looking forward to the, “The Last of the Mohicans,” music..thank you Jenny.

  105. What can I say….. I found you today and with your music , the way you play you made me happy. So, thanks Jenny. You are great, I wish you all the best from the heart of Europe.

  106. Jenny,
    Your are enchanting. Tells us more about you. Your family, education, etc. How about videos with the other members of the band?

  107. Hello from Malaysia Jenny, you’re video has come along way to my country and I really love all your violin videos..They are so good especially the one calles ” On The Beach from Queen of The Damned “. I’ve only hear of the movie once but I was so in love with the music ever since. Do you mind if I ask for the violin sheets..Im a very very new beginner in violin but I can play guitar better but not like that helps really hahah ~ Im really hoping to get the sheets for this music If its ok with you…But stll your videos have helped me a long way so I have to thank you for that..Your plays have made my day and the days to come …From all the love of Malaysia to you

    E. Shadhura

  108. Hi, Jenny! Thanks for the help! Now I have another difficulty, I’ve started to learn vibrato some months ago, but it seems that the exercises aren’t enough. Do you have some tips for it? Thank you, dear!

  109. and to think i thought the orange blossom special was hard,lol.i stumbled upon your video and was awestruck at both you and your ability playing this song.i have been playing for seven months and slowly making progress.i am stumped on this song on the first five or six notes.are you starting on g(like 13101 finger position) then d (210 finger position)and back to single note on g? i love your playing style, great job on zeppelin’s tune.here is some humor 1 month after i got my violin, attempting to play my wife happy birthday http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K04e_mCF6BQ&feature=plcp

  110. Jenny, love your videos. I am hooked on the song you play from the sound track last of the mohicans. Please send the sheet music so I can learn to play along. And yes, you have great abbs.

  111. Dear Jenny,
    I was curious as if you play at places besides Ren-Faires say weddings? I love your sound and energy, the wedding will be in a small town called St.Cloud, which is in Florida. Please respond either way,
    sincerely -Katherine

  112. I am 16 and have just begun learning the violin. Which book would you recommend to aid my learning? If any books at all…

  113. I’m starting without lessons just to see if I like it. Then in a couple months I can begin lessons with a really good teacher near where I live. Do you think I could still use the book even if I don’t have a teacher for the first few months?

  114. Thanks for the advice about the Mohicans song. I have just concentrated on doing the song first and then Slowly adding in the trills. Funny when I do play it with the trills…. it sounds more like I am practicing scales than playing the song… Ha ha. 😉 Anyway. I feel closer though than a year ago.

    I couldn’t of imagined getting even this far. So that says something. I look forward to your future vids. I would love to have someone like you as an instructor.
    For example right now I am trying to learn keyboard parts to a German Metal band I like. Called Rammstein. They have these awesome celtic type beginnings and endings that lend themselves perfectly to be replicated by the violin. Trouble is find notes for this stuff. And instructors are not really keen to teach that.

    But I am thoroughly enjoying my violin. Wish I would of done this sooner.
    All thanks to you.

    Cheers Take Care… Elvis

  115. I love your music its amazing

  116. alexandrea gilbert

    Hey Jenny,

    My name is Alexandrea. I’ve been watching the parts on how to play promontory. I REALLY like that song. I was thinking….or i AM going to play that song i the talent show. I would really appreciate if u would make a part 6.

    Thanks Alex

  117. hi Jenny.my name is devon. i was wondering if you would send me the sheet music for that sont in queen of the damned. i watched your video of the duet and found the song to be amazing but i cant seem to find the sheet music for it. would you please let me know through my email? thanks.

  118. alexandrea gilbert

    Hey Jenny,

    Exuse my spelling i was in a hurry. Anyway once again love that song.
    Keep up the good work.


  119. hi jenny,i would to say thanx for this what you doing.i have a bad time and the video on youtube “the gael” make the live better..Sorry bad english…greetz from germany

  120. Hope you visit waxahachie’s medieval carnival someday. You make hitting the strings look simple. I always had trouble playing the A without playing either the E or D by accident. I guess it just takes lots of practice, especially since I’ve noticed how you’ll look away and still not make contact with the other strings. Sigh!

  121. Hi Jenny,
    I was recently watching your duet from the Queen of the Damned scene. I was able to locate music for a Violin/Viola duet but after comparing it to the video, it doesn’t seem the same. Would you happen to have the sheet music?


  122. Hi Jenny,
    Was wondering if Circa Paleo would be at the Michigan Renaissance fair for 2013? Also, if you’re looking for venues, there is the Saline Celtic Festival in July. Might be worth a look.

    Best Wishes


  123. Hi Jenny it’s jode here in London. I’d just like to say that you’ve inspired me to buy a violin. Got a 4. 4. . I’m kinda getting the hang of it. In fact that’s bollocks, im useless, But I’m really enjoying it. Well done honey, I’m gonna crack on and one day get there Adious amega

  124. Hi Jenny:-
    Don’t know from where to start But the truth is that since I Saw than Heard the Great Music in that little bit of Video on YouTube, I am dreaming Day & Night about You.
    I am dead Sure I fall in Love to You and the Amazing Art of Playing that Vilion. If possible Please Reply I am desperately Waiting. Thanks .

  125. Hello Jenny, first excuse my english because I’m using GOOGLE TRANSLATOR. I do not speak English. : (
    I found you by YOUTUBE and I was delighted with the music you make. How can I buy the CD or DVD of you here in Brazil? You guys are awesome!! I can not stop listening to the sound that you touch. Kisses ..

  126. Jenny,
    Just saw you and Circa Paleo at the PA Ren Faire today and wanted to say thanks again for the amazing music. I have been listening to ever since I stumbled across your music on YouTube years ago. I could not wait to see and hear you in person. Also thanks for taking the time for a great picture of us together. As I expected you are a kind and beautiful soul. I hope to get to see you in person again soon. For now I will just listen to the CD’s that I was so anxious to listen to on my way home from a wonderful day.
    Thanks again and hope your journey is a fulfilling adventure.

    Tom H.

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